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Worst online shopping experience ever. Do not shop with Surveillent LLC we contacted Surveillent via phone four times over a period of three weeks and received no response whatsoever.

We then contacted via email and finally received a response. They made no apology for lack of customer service in returning our initial phone calls and proceeded to tell us that it was our fault we purchased the wrong product, called us ignorant, liars etc. There are many unhappy consumers who have dealt with these severely mentally challenged person. Here's a sample of an email from "Surveillent."

Hello from Surveillent :)

You're kidding us right?

Detailed specs like that are meant to be researched with the manufacturer. Apparently you expect a marketplace to include everything that something won't do. BTW the info you are reading is created by Amazon and not Surveillent.

This is ridiculous. There is no way you are really this ignorant.

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They sent me a product that was defective out of the box. It happens, but instead of giving me a rma#, they made me contact the manufacturer for return ticket ID which the manufacturer said was highly unusual.

I finally got an rma# with instructions to send back the unit and box in 'like new' condition or be subject to restocking and 'other costs'. Like they are going to restock a defective item????

I just want to replace a defective unit. Why make it so hard?


If one of my employees said this to a customer they would be terminated on the spot. If its the owner of the company, they should look for a new line of work as thats not a way to treat people, especially customers.


It seems unbelievable, but it is true. Surveillant could care less about customer satisfaction.

I didn't believe the comments of others, than I found out first hand, it is very true. You don't want to purchase from them because they wil be rude and intimidating.

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