They are really nice unless you have a complaint or a return then they Threaten you, Call you names and even get Down Right Nasty. Dealing with these guys was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a on-line purchase.

I actually got paranoid thinking they would come to my house and hurt me. They actually make you click on a agreement that says you will not say anything that could be defamation to their company or employees in any way before you can even deal with them... That should be a RED FLAG right there but I clicked on it and now that I am warning people about them I am not really sure what they will do.

Anyhow thank GOD I used Paypal to do the transaction and they made it right. (I Love Paypal) This apparently IS a legit company with really low prices but if they send you a poor quality TV and you are not satisfied then be ready for some serious name calling and a LOT of verbal abuse.

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #785806

I don't think they are done dealing with you, they could still come to your house and hurt you or worse. Seriously if you are telling lies about them they have every right to stand up for themselves and sue. Hope they don`t kill you because of the review you wrote, or worse come after you with a lawsuit.

to Barrick Obama #785808

Same here I agree.


:cry :cry :cry :( :( :x :x :upset :upset :eek :eek :cry :cry :cry :( :( :(

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